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Islamic Manners

 All recordings on this blog are from Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam’s daily discourses that were streamed live on Radio Ramadhan Leicester (FMO) 2008.

 A sister has put up her notes of the same course when Mufti saheb taught the kitaab in Manchester. Please do visit the blog to benefit from her excellent notes.

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Islamic Manners – Lesson 1: Introduction

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The subject that will be studied is the subject of Islamic Manners (adab) based on the book in Arabic “Min Adab al-Islam” written by Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghudda (may Allah have mercy on him).

The word “Adab” is used in Arabic as well as in Urdu. In the Urdu language, the term normally used to mean respect. However, this is different to when the term is used in Arabic. The Arabic term encompasses much more.

The word Adab (plural: Adaab) linguistically has been derived from the word “Adb” which means ‘inviting people for food’, and derived from it is the word Ma’duba which means inviting many people for food where lots of different types of dishes are presented.

Technically, Adab holds the meaning of excessiveness in it. Adab is a unique word that cannot be translated into the English language with a single word. Ulema say the word refers to an excessive amount of good traits.

Adab is very important in a Muslim’s life. This topic is often neglected and hence is in need of our attention.

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