Islamic Manners – Lesson 6: Making one’s Presence Known, and Seeking Permission to Enter

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When entering one’s home, one should make their presence known.

When you enter your own home or even enter a different room where people are inside, let them know, make them aware that you are about to enter before approaching them. Make them aware that you are entering so that they do not become shocked by your sudden appearance.

One can clear his/her throat or tap his/her shoes to make others aware of one’s arrival.

When one enters different rooms within one’s own house, one must seek permission before entering.

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  1. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah.

    May Allah reward you for posting this amazing series of lessons.

    I’m having problems downloading lesson 6. I get an error message saying the ‘site cannot be found’ when I try to download this lesson. Any chance this can be fixed?

  2. it is now working,

    jazakumullah for bringing that to our attention,
    please inform us if there are any other errors.

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