Islamic Manners – Lesson 10: Controlling One’s Eyes and The Etiquette of Removing Shoes

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When taking permission to enter someone’s house, then guard your eyes from setting on the interior of that person’s house (something that should be kept hidden). Do not stand right in front of the door; but rather stand on the right or the left. Do not even hang about talking away for long periods at somebody’s doorstep.


The reason for seeking permission is for the sake of your sight. This is the wisdom behind it that you do not see something you are not meant to see. If somebody does this, it is as though he has already entered. Physically you may be outside, but your eyes are inside, the main part of you has entered and this is a great sin.


Also, remove your shoes in the correct place and place it in the assigned area in an appropriate manner. The etiquette of removing and wearing your shoes is that you put your right shoe first and remove the left shoe first. Before entering your own house or someone’s house, look at your shoes, if you see dirt on your shoes from the effect of the road you have been walking on (dirt, mud due to rain), be careful. You do not want to pollute a person’s carpet with your dirty shoes. If you see filth, then remove it from both your shoes and scrub them against the ground so that the dirt is removed.

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