Islamic Manners – Lesson 16: Duties of the Host

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The visitor and the host both have rights and responsibilities. As a host, when a guest comes to visit you, especially overnight, know the etiquettes of their hospitality. Be extremely hospitable towards them without over exaggeration in providing food and drink. The Sunnah is to be moderate in this regard.

Make the seat of the guest clean, pleasant and comfortable, ensure the house is clean. If they are sleeping or taking an afternoon nap, make their sleeping room clean, inform them of the Qiblah in the house, indicate to them where the bathroom is etc. The whole reason for doing this is to make the visitor feel welcomed.

When you present a towel/handkerchief for wiping hands and face, let it be clean and other than the one you and your family use. It is good to forward him some fragrance to apply to himself, also give a mirror so your guest can look at himself and remain clean and look good as this is also a part of Islamic teachings. Let the means of purification (i.e. toiletries) be pure. Before your guest enters the bathroom, remove all inappropriate items that your guest could see.

Be careful in the peace and comfort of your guest, especially whilst sleeping. Keep him away from loud noise and crying of your children. If the guest is a male, keep him far away from the clothing of women especially underwear. They should not be apparent and visible; as this is the decency that is required.

Do not let your informal relationship and companionship an excuse to become complacent and negligent in dealing with your guest. Never hint to your guest in a way that makes them guilty for coming to your house. The host must make the guest feel at ease and not feel unwanted. Do not ask the guest to start helping you with household chores, but if they insist, let them but don’t let them do too much.

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