Islamic Manners – Lesson 17: Etiquettes of visiting the sick

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Great emphasis lies on visiting the sick. In the books of hadith, chapters are dedicated exclusively to this topic. It is a right of a Muslim that you visit them when they are sick. In doing so, you are preserving and nourishing the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood. The one who is eager to increase his hasanat (good rewards) will never neglect the opportunity to visit the ill and sick.

When you visit the ill do not forget the etiquettes, so that the visit raises the moral of the ill and sick person and it helps to lessen their pain and increase Sabr and hoping of reward. If you neglect these adaab, it may even be negative rather than being positive.

One should not sit by the ill for a long time, as the ill person is not in a good state. But there are exceptions; if you are very close to the ill person and he enjoys your company, then the stay may be longer. He has certain situations of illness which do not require that you sit by him for a long time. When you visit, sit where you are told to sit, as the person knows where it is good to sit.

When visiting the sick, wear clean clothes and have a good pleasant odour and fragrance around you so the ill becomes refreshed by seeing and smelling something pleasant but do not go to extremes in looking good and applying scent.

The visitor must not talk about issues that will distress the ill and sick person, and do not inquire the details of the person’s illness because that will not benefit the ill person. The visitor should not give his own advice about his illness unless he is a doctor and a specialist in the field.The visitor should not object to the doctor’s medication especially in front of the patient, because this will place doubt into the heart and mind of the ill person of the doctor’s prescription.

The ill person should remember that they should not complain too much, as being ill is also a blessing from Allah Most High. A means of removal of sins in this world, and purification from sins.

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